Nicola Mary Wyatt: The dark is light enough


When we work with a co-collaborator, it’s important to us to lean in to our style and work with people who are pushing the visual landscape on either side of the dark – light spectrum. Nicola Mary Wyatt falls heavy & hard on the former.

The queen of goth; her aesthetic is heavily influenced by UK subculture. More specifically, Nicola’s brands [Mary Wyatt London & Parliament Tattoo] are born out of a relationship with contemporary tattoo culture & the heavy metal scene. A life of London grit & a fascination with gothic aesthetics has resulted in her darkly unique creative vision.

&& we’re seriously here for it.

Nicola Mary Wyatt | Darklight Art

How would you describe your personal style?

My style has always been influenced by the subcultures I grew up in. I discovered music at an early age through my mum’s record collection – from King Crimson and Black Sabbath to Holst “The Planets” and even ABBA. When I hit my teens I found my tribe in the Heavy Metal scene and the rest is history. I used to be a little more experimental with how I dressed, but as I’ve gotten older my style has settled into a more minimalist aesthetic. 

I started my fashion brand because I didn’t feel there was much out there for the grown up goth, like me. My personal style tends to focus on simple, complimentary pieces that are timeless and made to last. That being said, I’ll never stop wearing band tees. I’m a big fan of boxy silhouettes, high necks and of course, I only wear black.

Describe your collection to our readers.

I have always found beauty in darkness, and am naturally drawn to dark art in all its forms. 

I have admired many of the artists in the curation for years. Most of them are connected with the alternative music scene in some way, whether they are performers themselves or they find inspiration or muses in the melancholy world of heavy music.

I really love every piece in the collection, and was very honoured to curate such amazing artworks. 

To me, art is catharsis in its purest form. 

Heather Gabel HIDE | Darklight Art | Wall Art Inspiration | Dark Art

For Palestine, Heather Gabel 2020

Heather Gabel | Nicola Mary Wyatt London | Darklight Art

Are the Layers of History to Suffocate the Unborn, Heather Gabel 2019

The Dark is Light Enough. The Dark is Light Enough. The Dark is Light Enough.

Some of my favourite pieces are by Heather Gabel who also participated in the recent art exhibition I curated with musician Courtney Love. Heather is a visual artist who also performs in an industrial dance band called HIDE. Both Heather’s music and art are exquisitely dark.

I love the photography of Laura-Mary Carter who is an extremely talented musician that has spent the majority of her adult life touring the world. To me her photos encapsulate both the freedom and loneliness that it is to be on the road. 

Dark Art | Laura Mary Carter Photography | Darklight Art
Little Chapel, Laura Mary Carter 2019

What does art mean to you?

To me, art is catharsis in its purest form. 

What track are you listening to right now?

At this exact moment I am listening to a British death metal band called Bolt Thrower, but recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Halsey. Her new record was produced by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails who are one of my favourite bands of all time… as a “goth” perhaps that is a little cliche but there we go. 

How does your music taste influence your aesthetic/creative process?

This is such a huge question but simply put, it’s everything. Music has been the architect of my life.

Do we even need to ask… Dark or light? 

In the words of Christoper Fry – The Dark is Light Enough.


Nicola’s collection will be available on Darklight Art until the end of February. Many thanks to all artists involved: GODSTEETH, Heather Gabel, Jingna Zhang, Laura-Mary Carter, Nedda Afsari & Nona Limmen.

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