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Children at Sunday school

[Art, biographical]

I wouldn’t describe this as a quick read as it clocks in at about 800 pages and weighs the same as a primary school age child, but what is summer for if not lingering over a good tome? And this is a jolly good tome. Every woman Gabriel writes about has her own dazzling life story, not to mention the backdrop of the piece: a time and place that changed the landscape of art forever.

Look out for: you will find yourself falling head over heels in love with Elaine de Kooning, I’m warning you now

Brad Pitt on recording his dreams, Bullet Train and hunting for buried  treasure | British GQ


Hayek superb as Frida Kahlo | SBS Movies

[Biographical, art]

Art people can be very sneery about this film but it’s so goddamn watchable. Frida Kahlo’s image has been all but completely separated from her actual story/art at this point, and this movie does actually redress the balance a bit, showing the hardship and pain and incredible genius, as well as, y’know, the monobrow. 

Look out for: Alfred Molina [one of our finest]

Read Darklight Art’s love letter to Frida Kahlo here

My Cultural Life: Shona Heath

[Art, biographical]

To watch this movie is to be winded like a punch to the stomach; a powerful yet tender depiction of isolation, fear and a struggle for connection. Willem Dafoe’s portrayal of Vincent Van Gogh is heartbreaking, the cinematography is stunning and the soundtrack is totally arresting. 

Look out for: Dirty fingernails, unconditional brotherly love, landscapes so vivid you can smell them

Eva Hesse | Expanded Expansion | Darklight Art | What's Good



Podcasted version of Brian Eno’s audio commission for the Serpentine last year. Pop it on in the background while you work today, even the talking bits are wildly soothing.

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